You’ve Reunited With Your LDR Partner … Now What?

When I touch down in Belgrade, I go through the usual motions of long-haul flight exhaustion: eye dryness, sensitive stomach, sweaty clothes, sore glutes. All I want to do is go to bed. Only I still have to go through customs, collect my luggage, and — oh yeah — reunite with Aleksa after 6+ months.Continue reading “You’ve Reunited With Your LDR Partner … Now What?”

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship “Work”

For months, friends and followers alike have asked me to write a blog on how to successfully make a long-distance relationship “work.” The first attempt at this blog was back in November. All the talk of Thanksgiving travel plans had me reminiscing about my love affair with travel: my packing rituals, my airport stories, evenContinue reading “How to Make a Long Distance Relationship “Work””

Autumn in New York & Summer in Serbia.

Tell me, friends: what would we do without Autumn in New York? For those who have experienced it, you know that there’s nothing quite like it. During this time of year, Tom Hanks feels compelled to buy school supplies; Bryant Park rips up its 9.6-acre lawn to clear space for the skating rink; and Central Park transforms into aContinue reading “Autumn in New York & Summer in Serbia.”

Lost in Translation: “That American Girl” vs. Serbian News/Tabloids

Click here for serbian translation. (Pritisnite ovde za prevod na srpski.) Scroll below if link not working! A few days ago, one of my blog posts, “That Serbian Girl” went viral. This was unexpected news for me, as I am sure it was unexpected news to Serbians when tabloids revealed that some American girl hadContinue reading “Lost in Translation: “That American Girl” vs. Serbian News/Tabloids”

That Serbian Girl

A few years ago, during my first trip to Belgrade, I was walking down Knez Mihailova when I passed a rustic-looking book shop. You know the kind: wood paneling, old-fashioned windows, a pop of emerald green here and there. To top things off, it was just after Christmas — a particular time of year whereContinue reading “That Serbian Girl”

We’re Having A Second Wedding.

From the day Aleksa got down on one knee, we’ve been plastered with questions about our binational situation. How we met, where we will live, and if long distance relationships are even real. But when the engagement ring made its shiny appearance, there was one question everyone had: where will you have the wedding? BeforeContinue reading “We’re Having A Second Wedding.”