Where have I been?

Hi friends.

It’s been three chaotic months for That American Girl. Aleksa went back to Serbia and I went back to graduate school. Two dear friends passed away. Grief, like a ghost, took over my home. The winter went on and on and on … even though spring had arrived.

We have not had news on the status of our visa situation — and that, too, weighs on me.

In addition to the ongoing pandemic — chaos ensued. War broke out. Violent acts sprouted across the city. Harmful laws have been passed. And now, thousands of women are fighting for the right to have autonomy over their bodies. All in all, it’s been a dark time. 

Since February, I have attempted three new blog posts. The furthest I got was a post about spring in Belgrade. I think you guys would have liked it. It began with my disgust for the smelly Bradford Pear trees that dominate Manhattan’s streets. And it moved into my admiration for Belgrade: the liveliness in the streets, the cafes preparing for outdoor table service — even the thrill of tuning into Eurovision. 

Needless to say, I didn’t finish it. Nor have I finished school. I still have one more week until I am off for summer vacation — and now, with the sun beating down on me as I write this blog from the train, the gentleness of spring feels far, far away. It’s nearly summer now. When I return home, I’m going to turn on my big fan and cut up watermelon.

Do I finish the blog about spring in Belgrade? Or do I abandon it? Maybe you guys can weigh in and tell me. In the meantime, I thought I would end this brief post with some good news.

I am returning to Belgrade very soon! I am thrilled to reunite with Aleksa, my in-laws, and our friends. I am eager to see the city and explore other parts of Serbia. I will be keeping my eyes open for new writing content — please let me know if you have any requests!

We will also be doing a road trip to Italy. This makes my Italian ancestors happy. I can see them preparing the limoncello now. And it makes me happy. I will be blogging — and vlogging — a lot of my time in Europe. So keep up with my social media.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement.

Until the next post, 

That American Girl 

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